Consider These Three Things Before You Purchase a Home Safe

Posted July 24th, 2019 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

There is much more to selecting the ideal home security safe than many people realise. If you are considering investing in a home safe box for the first time, it is a good idea to undertake a little research before you start browsing products.

There are a few criteria regarding home safes that should be taken into account before anything else is done. Here, the team at eSafes presents a brief guide to selecting your perfect home security safe in the most straightforward way.

What Do You Need it to Hold?

The most important thing to ask yourself before you seek out your perfect safe is what its contents will be. The most obvious first thing to establish is the volume of items, cash or documents you will be storing, as there is no reason to invest in a bulky and cumbersome safe that will take up a lot of space if this is not required.

After this, you should consider the value of the contents in question. Both office and home safes are subject to a “rating” system that allows you to determine how much their contents may be insured for. At eSafes, we stock security boxes with insurance ratings of between £1,000 and £150,000. It’s important to note that non-cash items can be insured for ten times as much as cash within the same safe. So non-cash items can be insured for up to £10,000 when kept in a safe with a rating of £1,000.

What Level of Security Do You Require?

Many people are happy with a simple manual lock-and-key home safe box, while others feel the need for a setup that is a little more sophisticated. eSafes stocks wall mounted safes as well as under floor safes that can be installed with their openings flush with the floor of your home. This makes them easier to disguise with furniture or rugs.

Specialist fireproof home safes can be purchased if required, as can models designed to be water resistant. Others are built to hold electronic devices carrying data. Consider whether you require any of these specialist features.

Some home safes come with an additional feature that allows you to initiate a lockdown period, which can be set to last from 1 to 48 hours, during which time the box will be accessible to no-one. Others have additional reinforcement to prevent against being forced or dropped.

What is Your Budget?

Make sure you choose a reasonable budget for your purposes – there’s no need to select a highly sophisticated home security safe if you only require something simple. You might consider reconditioned second hand safes – the models of this kind that are available from eSafes perform like new and the fact that they are pre-owned will not affect your insurance premiums. However, it will result in great savings.

Feel free to browse our range of home and office safes today. If you have any queries about our products or services, simply contact eSafes today.

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