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What can you store in a safe?

What can you store in a safe?
What can you store in a safe? Check out esafes.co.uk


Expensive electronics, private papers, childhood keepsakes – we all keep valuables in our homes – and anyone who has been the victim of a break-in or fire will know how it feels to lose items that cannot be easily replaced.

While most people tend to think that they aren’t worth the investment, safes provide a simple yet reliable solution for protecting cherished possessions and can prevent such a disaster.

You’d be surprised just how many items you can store safely inside.

Here leading suppliers of safes, eSafes, look at what items are best kept in safes and which should be kept out.

10 things you can keep in a safe

  1. Cash – even if it’s only a small amount for emergencies, leaving money lying around the house or in a sock drawer is never a good idea. Locking it away inside a safe will not only keep it safe from opportunistic criminals but will also keep it out of reach of curious children.
  • Jewellery – whether it’s Cartier, Tiffany & Co, or Pandora, you need to find a secure place to keep any delicate pieces of jewellery. Of course, you could store rings on a ring holder and necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a jewellery box, but a safe will give you the peace of mind that they are locked out of sight, out of mind.
  • Passport – it’s always good to know exactly where your passport is on those rushed mornings before a holiday. However, your passport is a document that contains your personal information, so you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. Instead, opt for a safe and keep it secure until you need it.
  • Cards – credit cards, debit cards, key cards, loyalty cards…we’d be lost without them, wouldn’t we? Often carried around in our wallets and purses, these little bits of plastic have lots of personal information on them and they are extremely vulnerable to fire and theft. That’s why, when they aren’t needed, they should be stowed somewhere safe – and where better than a security safe?
  • Property deeds – the chances are, if you own land or property, you’ll have deeds kicking around somewhere at home. These papers are extremely important, valuable, and difficult to replace. They’re also vulnerable to fire, so it’s well worth investing in a fireproof safe.
  • Insurance documents – papers regarding your home, car, or personal cover aren’t inherently valuable and can be replaced, but that’s not to say they don’t need to be kept safe. Such documents contain enough private information for a thief to steal your identity, and they are at risk of fire. Keeping them in a safe will assure you that they are protected.
  • Photographs – whether it be baby photos, holiday snaps, or your wedding album, a safe will allow you to stow fond memories for as long as you need. These can be physical photographs or saved on a USB stick.
  • Cameras – are you a professional photographer or a hobbyist? Either way, a  camera is a pricey piece of equipment that you don’t want to lose – especially as it contains a memory card with stored photos. For times when your camera isn’t in your hand, you want to keep it somewhere safe, preferably inside a safe where it’s concealed from view.
  • Family heirlooms – family mementoes have a lot of sentimental value attached to them, and a big price tag too. Depending on their size, they can be stored inside a safe to protect them against disaster.
  1. Keys – it’s easy to misplace the keys to your house, car, garage, garden shed, or workplace. But when you factor in the cost of the valuable items stored in these places, it’s crucial that you find a safe place for your keys. Safes come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. We even supply key safes, reels, and vaults.

Is there anything you shouldn’t stow inside a safe?

As we’ve established, several things need a little more protection in the home. But some items don’t belong in a safe.

These include:

  • House plants
  • The combination for the safe
  • Your only keys
  • EpiPens
  • Chemicals

To find out more about the safes we stock at eSafes, and what you can and can’t put inside them, get in touch. You can either call 0800 783 2328 or email [email protected], and we’ll get back to you.