Why Choose a Phoenix Safe?

Posted December 5th, 2018 in Brand Feature by Richard Nash

The E-Safes team are leading UK experts in safes and other security hardware – and have been for over thirty five years. We only stock the highest quality products from the very best manufacturers, and one firm that continues to create superb safes, cabinets and security boxes year on year is Phoenix.

Read on to discover why we, and our customers, love Phoenix safes – and how one might revolutionise your home or office security forever.


The specialists at Phoenix recognise that each and every individual or business has a whole set of different requirements when it comes to protecting their valuable items and documents. That’s why they’ve developed a wide variety of safe models that match almost any selection of specifications you can think of. Here are just a few of their options:

The Titan Range

We stock 18 different sizes and models of Phoenix’s Titan safes. This type of security box has a cash rating of £2,000 (which equates to £20,000 for non-cash valuables – including digital media), and is also fire resistant, meaning your items will be safe inside for up to an hour. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a simple key-operated lock, a digital lock or even a biometric one that you can open using your unique fingerprint. We highly recommend the popular Phoenix Titan II FS1283E.

The Fortress Range

Choose from 10 different sizes and models of Fortress safes stocked by E-Safes. This particular range is of guaranteed high quality, having been officially declared to be of European S2 Standard. They are fire resistant for up to half an hour, and their cash rating stands at £4,000 (£40,000 for other items, which can include paper documents and other valuables). We love the Phoenix Fortress SS1183E Electronic Safe, which features a keypad lock.

Fire Safes

While a large number of Phoenix Safes are designed to resist fire damage, you might prefer to select a product that truly specialises in this type of protection. Phoenix’s Fire Safes span a range of makes and models. Our best sellers include the superb Phoenix Fire Commander, which protects items from fire for up to two hours and is lockable electronically. This design boasts a cash rating of £2,500, or £25,000 for non-cash items including legal documents and electronic data.

Phoenix’s Fire Fox safes are also designed to ward off flames and heat for up to two hours, and are cash rated to £2,000 (£20,000 for non-cash items). They’re AiS approved, accessible using a key, and are specially designed to hold files and folders.

There’s also the excellent Fire Fighter, which keeps its contents protected for up to ninety minutes and comes in 9 different sizes and models. It’s fitted with automatic slam shut door locking and is accessible by an electronic lock. This product also has a cash rating of £2,500 (£25,000 for valuables) and is perfect for storing other items of all different shapes and sizes too, including data devices.

Another of our best selling Phoenix products is the Phoenix Fire Ranger FS1512K Security Cabinet. Products within this selection can come fitted with internal alarms and fingerprint access, which may be used by up to 100 authorised individuals. They’re fireproof for up to thirty minutes and cash rated to £1,500, or £15,000 for valuables. This product is highly recommended for storing private documents and files.

The Datacare Range

If your valuable items largely comprise of electronic and data devices, Phoenix’s Datacare range is ideal. It includes 9 different makes and models, some of which are also fire safe for up to one hour, some for an hour and a half and some for two hours. These particular designs are also water resistant, and you can choose your locking method – from key locking to electronic and even fingerprint. These products have a cash rating of £1,500 and a valuables rating of £15,000.

You could also choose from Phoenix’s multi-purpose Data Combi safes, which are fire resistant for up to two hours, waterproof, cash rated to £2,500 (£25,000 for valuables) and can store paper, data storage items, cash and valuables – serving the same requirements as four different safes.

Deposit Safes

Phoenix’s best-selling deposit safes are perfect for use by cashiers and shop managers. They’re cash rated to £3,000 (£30,000 for valuables) and are fitted with baffle plates to prevent items from being “fished” out of their slots. There are a number of different models, so you can choose from key, keypad or fingerprint access.

Phoenix also offers a eurograde, AiS approved Diamond Deposit safe, which can be accessed using a key or electronic keypad. These models are perfect for large cash deposits, as they’re cash rated to £10,000 (£100,000 for valuables).


As you’ve seen, many Phoenix safes and other products are AiS approved and meet European S2 standards. Many are also drop tested – some to heights exceeding 9 metres – meaning they’re exceptionally sturdy.


The excellent cash ratings of Phoenix safes mean that the items inside will be very easy to insure. As a general rule, insurance specialists will be happy to cover goods contained within your safe to the same amount as the cash or valuables rating – though it’s up to you to keep it hidden, secure and well looked after to assure this.


Depending on your preferred model, your safe may come with internal key hooks, double wall construction, anti drill plates, re-locker protection, back and base fixings, various shelves and drawers, DIY fixing kits and much more. Remember, Phoenix guarantee to replace completely free of charge any safe that is involved in a fire. You’ll also receive FREE UK delivery when you purchase your Phoenix safe through E-safes.

Don’t forget – throughout December, you can get 5% off any Phoenix product you purchase when you use the discount code Phoenix-5 at the checkout.

You could also win a FREE gift when you purchase any of our qualifying products this Christmas, so take a look here before you make your final decision!

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