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  • February 26, 2021

Why should your business have a deposit safe?

We’ve all seen films and TV shows where burglars have broken into thriving businesses and local establishments – demanding owners and shopkeepers to hand over their takings whilst being threatened with a knife or gun. And as much as we would like to say this is exacerbated purely to make the storyline more compelling, unfortunately, this is the reality.

So, if you work in retail or your business regularly handles large sums of cash, you want to implement the necessary security measures to safeguard your building, employees, earnings and valuables. The best way to do so? Invest in a deposit safe for eSafes.

What is a deposit safe?

A deposit safe – sometimes called a ‘drop safe’ – is designed for use in commercial environments to protect cash and receipts from thieves (and disgruntled employees). They act as a temporary storage place for items until they can be transferred to a bigger safe.

These allows staff to make deposits without having to open up the safe door which also means that, once they have put something in the safe, they won’t be able to fish it out without the appropriate key.

A deposit safe is ideal for industries where deposits are made at regular intervals, such as banks and building societies, post offices and retail environments like supermarkets and jewellers, to name just a few.

Although they are usually installed in managers offices, smaller till safes and counter safes are often placed with each cash register so deposits can be made more frequently.

How does it work?

Drop safes are almost impenetrable – perfect for keeping opportunists away from your hard-earned cash and confidential information before it can be deposited at the bank.

They normally have a slot either on the top or front (or sometimes a drawer) that enables employees to deposit cash, cheques or receipts without having to unlock the safe. Petty criminals will struggle to steal the safe (and contents) too because they are typically bolted to the floor or wall.

Reasons why your business should have one

The best thing about these safes is that they are extremely easy to use – allowing users to make deposits within seconds by slipping them through the slots or drawers. As a result of this speedy transaction, till drawers can be left almost empty meaning that there is less for criminals to get their hands on.

For owners and managers, deposit safes provide a higher level of security than any cash drawer ever could. When they remove the cash or items of value, they need to use the key that was provided with the safe and remember to lock the door afterwards.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should consider the investment:

  • Enhance security – there’s no denying that cash drawers and registers are easy targets for savvy criminals. A deposit safe can protect assets against theft and keep them safe at least until they can be moved to an even safer place.
  • Prevent assets against thieves/employees – it’s not unheard of for employees to steal from their workplaces and, with complete access to the till, it’s very easily done. The beauty of a drop safe is that – although anyone can make a deposit – access is limited to those who have the key (i.e. managers or business owners).
  • Peace of mind – thanks to reinforced security and protection against theft, you can relax knowing that your cash and valuables are stored securely – out of harm’s way – inside a deposit safe.
  • Lower insurance premiums – believe it or not, installing a deposit safe can help to keep your insurance premiums low and support your claim in the event of a mishap. They are a smart yet affordable investment for businesses of all sizes.

Order a deposit safe online

If you’re looking to buy a deposit safe for your business, be sure to take a look at our fantastic range, here at eSafes.

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  • February 26, 2021