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Second Hand Safes

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When it comes to choosing a safe, you need to make sure that you select one that is suitable for your security needs. Needless to say, safes are designed to offer security for valuable possessions, such as jewellery, money and documents.

To ensure that you not only find a safe that suits your security needs but your budget too, we have a wide range of second hand safes for sale.

Second hand safes

Here at eSafes, our online store is packed full with high-security solutions for the home and business. If you’re looking for a safe but only have a limited budget to work with, you could benefit from one of the used safes for sale at eSafes.

We have an extensive range of used safes for sale which are priced suitably for all budgets, including some of the biggest security manufacturers such as Chubbsafes and Dudley. The reconditioned safes are provided to suit the requirements of all customers, offering the same level of quality but for a lower price.

The used safes for sale tend to be sturdier than the new ones that are on the market today- they are much thicker and heavier and allow you to protect your valuables for longer. We also provide the second hand safes in a variety of locking options to ensure that you find the appropriate level of protection.

Second hand safes Vs. new safes

Deciding to install a safe to your home or business will allow you to protect items further, preventing them from being stolen or damaged.

Purchasing a new safe will allow you to benefit from some of the latest advances in technology but with this comes a heavy price tag. The main benefit of the used safes for sale is that they are much more affordable and they don’t necessarily offer lower quality than newer ones.

There are several stand out benefits of the second hand safes for sale at eSafes and these include:

Competitive prices

The second hand safes cost much less than a brand new one which is ideal if you’re on a budget but looking to secure your valuable possessions.

In one sense, the second hand safes for sale can save you a great deal of money and allow you to receive the best return on investment.

High quality

Each of the used safes for sale at eSafes is manufactured to the highest quality from the best materials. A safe that is well maintained will provide much more value. The second hand safes can often have a high resale value which is linked closely to the opportunity to save money.


Our reconditioned safes are designed to provide reliable protection and are ideal if you’re looking to enhance security. They are rigorously tried and tested to protect the goods that are held inside.

If you need to know more about the second hand safes for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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