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Cupboard Safes

When it comes to keeping valuables secure, out of sight and out of reach from opportunistic thieves, eSafes has just the solution for you! We supply a large variety of Cupboard Safes which are purposely built to offer additional protection against burglary, theft and other attacks.


There are several reasons why you need a Cupboard Safe; one of these being to store documents in an organised fashion but ensuring that they are kept secure, protecting clients privacy and confidentiality. The Cupboard Safe is great for storing A4 documents, providing you with more than enough storage space.

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Another reason why the Cupboard Safes are so popular is that they increase fire protection, allowing you to protect the items held inside from fire damage. Choosing to store your belongings in one of the Cupboard Safes that we provide will enable you to maintain high-quality standards for longer, can you afford not to invest in one?

We supply the Cupboard Safe to restrict unauthorised access- making sure that your products are only accessible to those with the key.

As well as this, our Cupboard Safe is manufactured to help you to meet stringent requirements, take GDPR for instance. With policies in place, stating that you are responsible for documents that include your client’s personal information, you need to make sure that they are stored safely. What better way to protect confidential data than to invest in one of the Cupboard Safes that we supply, here at eSafes?

In schools, the Cupboard Safe is used to keep exam papers secure, ensuring that they are locked away until they can be issued.

Securikey Cupboard Storage Safe

Within the collection of safes below, you can expect to find the Cupboard Storage Safe from Securikey. This Cupboard Storage Safe is operated by a motorised keypad which makes it easy to use and it’s fitted with electronic locks to provide you with a high-security storage solution.

Our Cupboard Storage Safe is installed to the floor of cupboards and to make the installation process easier for you, the safe incorporates pre-drilled holes. In addition to this, we supply the required bolts to allow you to secure the safe to the floor of the cupboard preventing it from being stolen.

The Securikey Cupboard Safe is often the choice of hotels because the code can easily be changed. These safes also include internal lighting and have power assisted doors, making them extremely secure and functional.

Firecracker Cupboard Storage Safe

The Firecracker Cupboard Storage Safe is yet another easy to use safe that we are proud to supply at eSafes. Our very own Firecracker Cupboard Safe is fitted with a high security 6 lever lock and is designed to store documents reliably.

When it comes to finding a Cupboard Storage Safe that is specifically built to withstand attack, you cannot go wrong with the Firecracker safe as it protects against fire, ultimately preventing serious damage.

Browse our range of Cupboard Safes here today!

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Securikey Eurovault Power Assisted Top Opening Safe
Pdf Available
External Dimensions: 150 X 400 X 350 (HxWxD)
Internal Dimensions: 95 X 395 X 345 (HxWxD)
  • Fitted with Electronic lock
  • Weight 11 kgs
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£124.00 Ex VAT
  • DELIVERY 1-2 Days
  • Call Us - We Won't Be Beaten On Price
  • Price Match Promise
  • In Stock
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Firecracker Cupboard Safe
External Dimensions: 360 X 260 X 135 (HxWxD)
  • Fitted with Key lock
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£125.00 Ex VAT
  • DELIVERY 1-3 Days
  • Call Us - We Won't Be Beaten On Price
  • Price Match Promise
  • In Stock
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2 Products
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