Everything you need to know about outdoor key safes

Posted August 23rd, 2019 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

You may have come across homes with outdoor key safes before – but would one work for you? These little security containers can prove extremely practical and are certainly a lot safer than keeping a key under your mat or in a plant pot. So what do you need to know before you decide to install one?

In this handy guide, the security experts at eSafes explain a little more about outdoor key safes and their benefits, as well as a few points you will need to remember.

Why Might I Need an Outdoor Key Safe?

People invest in outdoor key safes for many reasons. For example, they may care for or regularly visit an elderly relative who is not able to easily get to the door, or who may require urgent help in an emergency situation. Keeping a quickly accessible key to hand outside their property will save valuable time and make everything a little more simple to manage.

It may also be the case that you work full time, but your teenage children finish school between 3 and 4pm. A key safe outside your own home will grant them access to the house without you having to be there, so they won’t have to hang around outside.

How Secure are Outdoor Key Safes?

With options ranging from push-buttons to combination locks and even electronic systems, key safes offer a wide variety of available designs to ensure that your house keys are totally safe inside. There are thousands of possible combinations that you could use, making it almost impossible to guess your chosen code.

Key safes are also heavily reinforced to avoid being broken into. Choose one that is police approved for extra reassurance.

What if the Wrong Person Learns My Code?

While you can’t lose a code in the same way that you could misplace a physical key, there is still the possibility that someone untrustworthy may find out the combination.

Luckily, you can change the code on your key safe as many times as you want, which is a great deal easier and cheaper than having to change your locks! To avoid these mistakes happening in the first place, however, it’s definitely best to avoid writing your code down anywhere it might be seen by members of the public.

How Can I Ensure That My Key Safe is Totally Secure?

The best approach is to have your safe fitted by a professional when you first purchase it.

If you become concerned at a later date that your safe does not appear totally secure, you should call the team at eSafes as soon as possible and, in the meantime, remove any keys from the safe.

For further information about the outdoor key safes available from eSafes, simply get in touch with our team of specialists today and we will be more than happy to assist you. To see our full range of key safes and cabinets, you can browse our stock here.

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