Multi Occupancy Post Boxes

When it comes to finding a mailbox for multi-occupancy buildings, you’re sure to find what you need at eSafes. We supply a wide range of mailboxes which are designed to suit the requirements of apartment residents – be sure to browse our extensive collection below.

Mailboxes for multiple occupancies

Multiple occupancy mailboxes are the perfect solution when it comes to storing mail and parcels in blocks of flats and apartments. In environments where there are multiple occupants living, communal mailboxes are used to accommodate the requirements of residents and ensure that they can easily access their mail once it’s been delivered.

Using the Rottner Apartment Module 8 as an example, communal mailboxes are designed to accommodate more residents. Our custom-built multiple occupancy mailboxes form a larger letter system – providing one for each flat.

Communal mailboxes are supplied and installed as banks. They tend to be found at the opening lobby and depending on how much space is available, and the number of mailboxes required, it may work out more convenient for them to be wall mounted or recessed.

Wall mounted mailboxes

Here at eSafes, we supply apartment mailboxes which are easy to fix to the wall, and the Rottner Apartment Module 1 is just one of them.

With fixing holes at the rear, our apartment mailboxes can be fitted to walls securely.

Even when mailboxes are fixed to the wall, mail can be removed by residents because our mailboxes have hinged doors that are fitted with key locks.

The Rottner apartment mailboxes are painted white to provide a high-quality finish and offer a modern take on the classic mailbox. They have an A4 letter slot which incorporates a protective flap to prevent mail from being wrongly intercepted.

Wall recessed mailboxes

The multiple mailboxes that we supply at eSafes can be recessed. When mailboxes are recessed, this means that they are installed flush to the wall.

One of the main benefits of wall recessed multiple mailboxes is that they allow for extra space in the lobby area. As well as this, they are designed not to obstruct fire evacuation routes – making them a safe investment.

With wall recessed mailboxes, the appearance of the entrance of apartments remains tidy and professional – could you benefit from the multiple mailboxes that we provide?

Our team of experts are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to help you to select the right mailboxes for your property, so be sure to call us on 0800 783 2328 today.

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