Large Post Boxes

If you’re looking for a large post box, you’re in capable hands with the team of experts, here at eSafes.

We supply a wide range of large letter postal boxes from leading brands such as Burg Wachter, Dad UK, G2 and Rottner Security. They have increased in popularity over recent years - making them a must-have for individuals and businesses who receive large numbers of letters.

The large post box is guaranteed to keep your mail secure and out of reach of prying hands, allowing you to protect your private and confidential information.

No matter which post box you choose, they are each made from high-quality materials and have an A4 slot at the top which enables you to store large letters - without bending them.

Our large letter postal boxes can easily be fixed to the wall or a gate. They prevent thieves from intercepting your mail because they ensure it fits neatly, stopping post protruding and storing it safely.

All large letter boxes within this collection have key locks fitted, meaning only those who have the key can access the mail held inside the letter box, reassuring you that your post is secure and protected.

How can you benefit from a large letter post box?

Here at eSafes, we provide the large letter boxes in a choice of styles, colours and sizes - suiting every need.

Letter boxes are a popular way to collect mail. They ensure it’s protected from dogs - stopping them from chewing it before you get the chance to read it.

An additional benefit of the large letter boxes is that they provide less clattering than letter boxes. They also reduce drafts through the front door, making your property more energy efficient.

All large letter post boxes available, here at eSafes, are weatherproof and ensure your mail is kept dry and secure.

Find out more about the large letter postal boxes today by calling us on 0800 783 2328.

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