Parcel Delivery Boxes

If you’re sick and tired of missing deliveries, eSafes has a perfect solution, just for you! The parcel delivery box is a smart choice to make that will eliminate the need to rearrange for your parcels to be delivered. Our parcel delivery box can also remove the stress of dedicating time to go to your local post office to collect a delivery that you missed.

Although our parcel delivery box is perfect for any individual dwellings or commercial properties, we recommend them for home deliveries as a dynamic alternative.

Rottner Parcel Keepers.

The Rottner parcel keepers are used to hold your deliveries safely until you arrive home. They’re designed to be easy to use, allowing delivery drivers to store your items and enabling you to access your products with ease- all you need to do is lift the lid! The parcel post box is ideal for parcels cannot fit through the letterbox. By choosing an outdoor parcel box, you’ll be able to maintain the quality of your products without them being forced or damaged.

Our Rottner parcel post box is supplied with keys, allowing you to protect your deliveries from incidents of theft. When it comes to finding a high-security storage solution for your parcels, you cannot go wrong with the Rottner parcel keepers that we supply, here at eSafes!

In terms of installation, our Rottner outdoor postal box is one of the easiest. We supply any fixings that are required to simplify the installation process, allowing you to install it quickly and easily.

How does the Parcel Delivery Box work?

Ordering parcels is easy enough… it’s the delivering part that is seemingly difficult. The outdoor parcel box can be used for problem-solving; so, if you’re looking to prevent your parcels being sent to the post office or returned to the sender, why not invest in one today?

The outdoor parcel box is used for when you’re not home and your parcels are out for delivery. They allow you to store your packages securely, ensuring that they are kept safe and dry.

How can you benefit from the Parcel Post Box?

Here at eSafes, we supply the Rottner parcel keepers to match various budget requirements, making sure that you receive the best value for your money. We supply the outdoor parcel box to provide you with a safe storage solution that is affordable, but most importantly, we provide you with a more convenient storage solution for your parcels.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, you cannot go wrong with the parcel keepers that we supply at eSafes. We can reduce the need to reschedule delivery, ensuring that your parcels are stored safely for when you arrive home.

Can you afford not to invest in one of the parcel post boxes that we supply? Browse our collection of parcel keepers here today!

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G2 Secure Parcel Box is easy to fit outside your home and will fit small/medium parcels. Key locking secures your parcel. Free delivery.

£180.12 £150.10

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