Where to Buy Second Hand Safes

Posted June 25th, 2019 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

If you’re looking for a high quality safe for a reduced price, you may be cautious about buying a second hand product. As the purpose of a safe or security box is to be an impenetrable container in which to keep your valuables – including cash, jewellery and sensitive documents – this is completely understandable. When considering purchasing anything second hand, you may be faced with the concern that it has suffered wear and tear, and that damage may result in a safe’s mechanisms failing to function to their full potential.

However, that isn’t to say that no second hand safes are as reliable as brand new ones. To that end, eSafes is the place to go for high quality used safes. The team here specialises in testing and refurbishing used safes in order to get them functioning – and looking – as well as they did when they were first produced. This means you’ll be able to find a great safe at a much lower price, without any reduction in performance whatsoever.

How We Do It

At eSafes, we appreciate that a second hand safe may have an underlying fault that isn’t immediately apparent. That’s why we take every element of our used safes apart, including sanding back coating and finishes, removing doors and other components and stripping them and then undertaking repairs.

We replace hinges, bolts, locks and relocking elements if needed, lubricate hinges and joints, repaint the box and update all documentation to ensure that it is up to the standard required by any insurance company. At this stage, the second hand safe is as good as new.


One of the great things about purchasing an older safe is their sturdiness. With thicker walls and a heavier structure, many people actually prefer a used safe to one that’s fresh off the production line.


 All of our second hand safes are reconditioned and refurbished to the standard expected by insurance companies – meaning their contents are able to be insured to the same level as they would be if stored in a new model.


One of the best things about purchasing a second hand safe is that they’ll perform just as well as a brand new model, but they won’t cost as much. Right now, you can get hold of a used safe for even less, as eSafes is offering 10% off their reconditioned security containers when you enter the code SH-10 at the checkout! Simply browse our selection here and enter the code before you pay.

eSafes also provides free safe delivery within the UK mainland, as well as installation, removal and disposal services, so every step of obtaining your refurbished safe will be easily taken care of. Remember to let us know of any parking restrictions – including height limits. You should also let us know any important access information about your building, such as whether there will be a lot of stairs.

For more information about our products and services, contact us today on 0800 783 2328 or email [email protected], and our team will be more than happy to help you.

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