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Eurograde Underfloor Deposit

Here at eSafes, we supply the Eurograde Safes which are designed to be one of the best- if not the best! Choosing one of our Eurograde Underfloor Deposit Safes will allow you to protect cash amounts from theft, as well as protecting your valuables against serious damage which essentially makes the Underfloor Deposit Safe a worthy investment.

All of the Eurograde Underfloor Deposit Safes are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, so you can rest assured that they will suit your exact requirements when it comes to keeping cash out of sight and out of mind.

Underfloor Deposit Safes – How do they work?

The Underfloor Deposit Safes offer a high-security solution and because they are installed underground and surrounded by cement, they allow you to store cash in a way that’s discrete. We supply the Eurograde Underfloor Deposit Safes to enable you to drop cash into the hidden safe, preventing the need to open the door every time you need to insert a deposit.

In terms of security, you cannot beat the Underfloor Deposit Safe. Not only are they designed to fit beneath the floorboards with ease, they are also easily accessible for authorised personnel. To ensure that your cash is protected from opportunistic thieves, our Underfloor Deposit Safes only allow access for the keyholder or those who know the code to gain entry, instantly improving security and deterring thieves.

Our Underfloor Deposit Safe is supplied with a rear or side door which is fitted with a key lock or electronic lock that warrants easy access. As well as this, you’ll notice that the Underfloor Deposit Safe will have a top deposit chute which makes it easier for you to make cash deposits.

How can you benefit from Eurograde Underfloor Deposit Safes?

There are countless ways that you can benefit from the Underfloor Deposit Safes, one of the main ones being that you can keep cash and valuables safe. The versatility of the Underfloor Deposit Safe is a standalone advantage, it’s designed to enhance security within domestic and commercial properties alike.

The Eurograde Underfloor Deposit Safes provide a one-way access system that enables you to control access and security effectively. In choosing one of the Underfloor Deposit Safes from eSafes, you can easily benefit from a robust solution that delivers a sense of convenience and is AIS Approved.

Here at eSafes, we offer something suitable for everyone, hence why the Underfloor Deposit Safe is available in a choice of sizes and locking methods. Find a safe that suits your needs and wants today by browsing our extensive range of products below!

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