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Yale Extra Large Fire Safe

YFM-520-FG2 Yale Extra Large Fire Safe is a 1 hour fire proof safe with an electronic lock and has a £1,000 cash rating or £10,000 valuable rating. Free UK delivery. 
  • External Dimensions (HxWxD): 514 X 404 X 440
  • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD): 410 X 300 X 300
  • 60 minutes
  • Insurance Cash Rating: £1,000
  • Insurance Valuables Rating: £10,000
  • Internal Volume (Litres): 37
  • Lock Type:Electronic
  • Weight (Kg): 53
£272.40 £227.00
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  • External Dimensions (HxWxD): 514 X 404 X 440
  • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD): 410 X 300 X 300
  • 60 minutes
  • Insurance Cash Rating: £1,000
  • Insurance Valuables Rating: £10,000
  • Internal Volume (Litres): 37
  • Lock Type:Electronic
  • Weight (Kg): 53
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Key Features

  • Up to 60 minutes fire resistant.
  • Cash rating £1,000 or valuables £10,000.
  • Fitted with Electronic lock
  • Weight 53 Kg
  • Internal Volume 37 Litres


  • Ext. Dimensions 514 x 404 x 440 HxWxD (mm).
  • Int. Dimensions 410 x 300 x 300 HxWxD (mm).


By Joanne
31st August 2020

Great product, easy to set up and speedy delivery

By Jeroen
05th August 2020

Perfect for what we use it for. Brilliant build quality.

By John
02nd July 2020

Good safe
Problem with touch screen display
Hope this is now resolved

By Daniel
23rd June 2019

Well so far its safe but until i have a fire i cant say really much more

By Charlotte
13th June 2019

Rubbish customer service isn't made up for.

By Doug
16th April 2019

its an okay fire safe. I realise that if this safe was in a fire there is no mechanical way to open it, and the digital display would be the first thing to turn to a gooey puddle in the heat.

By Jill
21st February 2019

Safe great but silica inside wet and had to clean it all up. Batteries died after 5 minutes.

By Jago
24th January 2019

Looks good so far. Easy to use. Looks strong. Not really an expert on such things but looks secure.

By Ram
22nd January 2019

very good

By Peter
10th December 2018


By Maureen
01st May 2018

Quality is fine, but instructions very poor.

By Jeremy
04th December 2017

great product

By inam
03rd December 2017

is working well

By Paula
17th November 2017

No problem with product, but Customer Service at *** (not eSafe) is terrible. Promised a call-back in 24 hours, but took an engineer a week to call me back. Every time you call *** customer service you are held in a queue for at least 10/15 minutes.

By Michael
11th September 2017

Good size for home use and easy to set up and use.

30th August 2017

excellent safe

By Mark
28th August 2017

Good document safe and easy set up, very happy allround.

By barnie
10th August 2017

BLAH this is taking TOOO LONG

By Jonathan
08th August 2017

A smart looking and well sized product for home or small business use. Easily installed DIY. Sufficient rating for insurance purposes. A very good product from an excellent company

By Christopher
08th August 2017

Safe is solid construction ad easy to operate. Used for storage of doucuments and laptops. Would recommend to home users.

12th May 2017

Good quality safe. One hour fire protection is good but longer would be better.

By Glenys
10th April 2017

Great for personal use for valuables and important documents. Plenty big enough for a home safe.
Ideal for any home-owner, big enough to fit everything in, but not too cumbersome, so it hides away nicely.

By Keith
24th March 2017

Quality of product good, delivery was missed on 1st attempt the driver did not Knock door when bell did not ring so re delivered next day
with no problem

By Charlie
27th February 2017

All very good.

By Paul
08th February 2017

Great safe, loads of space for docs, tapes, data backups etc, really easy to use. Challenging to get it up the stairs as it's a solid piece of equipment! Good luck to any burglar attempting it!

By Nigel
08th February 2017

Very good qualiry

By Robin
01st January 2017

fits in fine and spacious enough to hold important items.

By Peter
12th September 2016

This safe is a good product from a well known manufacturer and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a safe.

By Andy
07th March 2016

Ideal for domestic use

By Rod
23rd January 2016

Good solid safe
Had locked itself during shipping, emergency opening was flakey, initially thought there was an issue Yale customer service good.
Ok now

By Karen
16th January 2016

High quality product. Hold level arch file upright without removing top tray. All papers, DVDs and usb pens stored comfortably. A large safe in a compact shell. It's stylish and highly recommended for the home. You won't be disappointed. I searched high and low for the perfect safe and can safely say that I found what I was looking for with this purchase.

By Norman
11th January 2016

The product will be used for personal use.

By David
12th January 2015

I use this safe at home for storing documents and valuables. There is a handy shelf which can be removed and a top drawer for smaller items.

By Ian
20th November 2014

Good solid, compact safe. Easy to set up and secure fixings. I use this in a retail environment and it is quick to open and close when the need arises.

By Robin
15th October 2014

The safe had to be returned

21st September 2014

great quality well built ideal for protecting items

By Mike
20th September 2014

Safe is heavy and well made. Even when not secured to the floor, wouldn't be easy even for a pair of thieves to run off with it. I use it for safe keeping of valuables as much as for fire security. I haven't tried to bust in to it with a sledgehammer, but it looks safe enough.
Digital panel is sleek and user friendly.

04th August 2014

Home use for valuables and important docs

By David John
25th July 2014

good safe

By Graham
28th June 2014

This fire safe was exactly what I was looking for and works very well.

By Robert
24th May 2014

Quality seems very good and there is plenty of space for all our valuables!

21st May 2014

This is a fairly heavy product, and should provide reasonable good security against fire. It is not particularly strong against attack - as it only has two attachment points on the bottom for securing in the floor, and the supplied plugs would probably slip out of the floor with enough force. The safe also uses a solenoid mechanism, which means that it could be vulnerable to knock attacks if not secured against a sturdy floor.

By James
18th April 2014

product is excellent value for money- a very good home fire safe

By Stephen
18th April 2014

Used as a firesafe for stamp collection and valuables in home.

By Paul
02nd March 2014

Is a vey well built and robust safe, it has plenty of room inside to fit all my items, also has a handy draw as well.

03rd January 2014

An ideal safe for the family home

By Georgina
07th December 2013

Really excellent safe and great value for money. I am very happy with it. It fits all my jewellery, documents, cash and takings together with my laptop camera filofax purse (overnight!!) and camcorder easily.
We will be purchasing two more in addition for business premises.

By Michael
04th November 2013

The safe is sturdy and heavy (it should be!). The mechanism is OK, but a bit flimsy, and the touch-sensitive system a bit temperamental. One important improvement that would be very helpful would be to include holes at the back to fix the safe to a wall.

By james
26th August 2013

The fire safe looks and feels quality, the instructions are not the best, but youtube has plenty of videos showing you how to program it.

By Carol
19th August 2013

cannot recommend. Do they have quality control. This safe would not lock, but only required a slight adjustment to work.Must indicate poor because this safe did not fulfil it's primary purpose, that is it would not/could not lock.

By C Birdseye
23rd May 2013

Safe is a very nice safe, however it is not felt lined like the esafes website says.

By Vicki
06th October 2011

Great safe - easy to use

By Stuart
26th August 2011

Quality of the safe is excellent and very easy to use. Would recommend this to any businesses or for personal home use.

By Anthony
06th July 2011

For storing papers.

By John
27th May 2011

great product at a great price


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