Choose eSafes for the Leading Yale Fire Safes on the Market

Posted October 25th, 2018 in Brand Feature, Home Safes by Richard Nash

Yale Lock Manufacturing Co., now known simply as Yale, was founded in America in 1868. Its founders were Henry R. Towne and Linus Yale Jr. the latter of whom was the inventor of the now globally utilised pin tumbler lock.

As one of the most established and trusted security hardware companies in the world, Yale continues to lead the way within their field, creating high-performance products that ensure the safety of our homes and belongings. At eSafes, we are proud to stock Yale products as we can vouch without question for their exceptional quality and functionality. One of the brand’s most prolific areas of expertise is safe or security box production, and their specialist items are often imbued with additional features to add to the already formidable protection offered by each. Here, we look at Yale’s fire safes – and why they might just prove the most sensible choice when it comes to storing your valuables within your home or business premises.

Why a Fire Safe?

It’s always a good idea to opt for a safe when deciding where to store your most precious possessions as it offers a heightened level of security, but a fireproof safe offers a number of extra elements of protection that could make all the difference. These particular types of security box are often fitted with a double wall to shield all items inside from damage, then treated inside with a fireproof composite containing a hydrate – a specially formed compound incorporating water molecules – that will prevent your items from becoming destroyed by heat or flames.

Yale’s Safes

Yale’s fire resistant products offer further superb specifications and features that afford your belongings still more protection. This includes the guarantee that, in the event of a fire, money and paper will remain undamaged within your safe for one hour minimum. The cash rating of a Yale fire lock safe can be upward of £1000 – or £10,000 for valuables – meaning that most insurers will cover its contents for up to this amount, so you can store whatever you wish inside, knowing that it is automatically subject to insurance cover.

Each fire resistant Yale safe stocked by eSafes is fitted with an electronic lock, the touchpad interface of which can be programmed with an access code of between three and twelve digits. Each is lined with felt, in order to prevent your valuables getting scratched or damaged, and features strong back end bolts that help to protect the box from attack or tampering.

It’s even possible to set a lock down period for your safe of between one and forty-eight hours in case of emergency, meaning that no one will be able to access it for that specific period of time.

Choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from medium (external dimensions 352 X 412 X 363) to large (420 X 352 X 433) to extra large (514 X 404 X 440) for a safe that suits your space and the fits the correct volume of contents.

Yale also produces underfloor safes, which can be installed to be flush with your flooring and disguised underneath furniture, carpets or rugs, so that the chances of it being discovered are extremely low. You could also opt for a high spec fireproof or waterproof chest which can be used to transport your valuables.

How Do I Find the Fireproof Safe that is Right for Me?

In order to purchase the correct Yale fire resistant safe, it’s important to first consider what your requirements will be. Measure the area in which you’d like to keep your safe and think about the number and size of items you wish to store, along with their separate and combined values. Then give eSafes a call on 0800 783 2328 to discuss these facts with them. They will offer you friendly and knowledgeable help and advice that will assist you to make the decision that is right for you. The eSafes offices are open 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to get in touch whenever you need a hand.

eSafes stocks a number of different products alongside Yale fireproof safes, and also offers services such as safe installation, repair, removal and disposal as well as emergency safe replacement. As part of the installation process, their experts will be more than happy to advise you on the best location for your safe to ensure optimum security.

Contact eSafes today for more information on you could improve the safety of your home and valuables.

Why a Fireproof Safe is Essential for Any Business

Posted September 19th, 2018 in Buying Guides, Commercial Safes by Richard Nash

People usually have a very clear idea of what a safe or security box is and what it does, and this idea hasn’t really changed for the last century or more. Indeed, this traditional kind of lock-and-key safe is still very much in existence and its popularity has hardly waned, but there are also dozens of other designs to choose from that boast various extremely useful features. Many of them don’t really divert from the classic style in any visual sense, but it’s how they are put together that really gives them something revolutionary to offer.

A particularly practical addition to safe design is the introduction of fireproofing. Here, the experts at E-Safes explain why this attribute can make a world of difference to business owners and the companies they direct.

1. Your Valuable Items are Secure

This, naturally, is the chief and most simple motivation for any individual or company to purchase a safe. Whether the main concern is theft, loss or damage, a safe provides a foolproof method of keeping items… well… safe. If preferred, you can stick to the tried and tested method of lock and key, but, with the advent of new technology, there are now many different ways in which a safe can be secured. Combination locks have always been popular, but digital locks now also exist, meaning that you can enter your access code using a simple electronic keyboard. Beyond this, you can even open your safe biometrically. The technology now exists to allow a permitted individual access using just a fingerprint. Finally, with the addition of fireproofing, your safe can be rendered absolutely impenetrable.

2. It’s Not Just for Money

Safes are available in many various sizes and to a wide range of different specifications. Because of this, they are able to offer protection to a myriad different items. Typically, safes are presumed to exist for the secure storage of money. However, almost anything can be protected by a safe – from jewelry and other valuables to sensitive paperwork. You can even invest in a “data safe”. When shopping for a safe, most reputable dealers will be able to explain to you the different insurance ratings for cash and non-cash content. Non-cash items can always be insured for ten times the amount that cash can be when stored in various grades of safe. Of course, a fireproof safe is always the best choice to protect, cash, papers and your company’s sensitive data.

3. Protect Hard Copies

We rely heavily on electronic storage in the modern digital age, and we hate to admit that technology can sometimes fail us. However, that is unfortunately the case. This is why it is so important for businesses to keep hard copies of vital documents, and perhaps to keep extremely sensitive papers off computers and other devices altogether. In instances where physical paper copies are necessary, a safe is always the best choice to keep them secure – a fireproof safe doubly so, as we have already mentioned.

4. Better Premiums

The points so far have underlined why modern safes in general are exceptionally useful items for a business to have in its possession and, naturally, the addition of fireproofing to those items can only improve their performance and effectiveness. However, there is yet another element to which fireproofing in particular can offer improvement, and that is the element of insurance. The ability to demonstrate that your business has invested in additional security features is always beneficial when it comes to insuring its assets, and this goes doubly for the design of a company’s safes. Adding fireproofing can vastly improve the insurance premiums you will be expected to pay, as brokers will be able to see the lengths you have already gone to in order to protect your valuable items from theft, loss, natural disasters and arson or intentional damage.

As you can see, there are a great many benefits to opting not only for a safe, but for one with built in fireproofing. With their double-layered walls and specially developed fire-resistant composite linings, there is virtually nothing on the market that could prove a more secure location for your company’s valuable items, sensitive information or vital data than these expertly crafted security boxes. For further information on fire resistant safes, all you need to do is give eSafes a call today on 0800 783 2328 or email them via [email protected]. Their expert advisers will be happy to offer you help and assistance.

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Safes

Posted August 22nd, 2018 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

If you want to keep your valuable belongings, sensitive documents or cash secure, it’s likely that you’ve considered obtaining a safe. Safes are sturdy security boxes that are inaccessible to anyone but their owners and any other trusted parties, but there are many myths about their design, performance and effectiveness that cause people to question whether or not a safe is the best option for them. Many of these concerns are easy to resolve through a conversation with a safe specialist. Read on to see some of the common assumptions many people make about safes – often due to hearsay or their representation in pop culture – and the actual facts provided by the team at Esafes.

The myth: There’s only one type of safe

The truth: When people think of safes, an image usually comes to mind of a black box with a combination lock, or even a padlock. However, while these types of security systems still exist within safe technology and can be used to good effect, there are a variety of different ways in which you can ensure that your safe is secure. You can purchase models that are accessible with key codes or through the use of biometrics, along with many other designs.

The myth: Safes are easy to crack

The truth: This isn’t the case at all. As long as you take good care of the key or keep the combination or key code to yourself, no one else will be able to access safes that use these particular systems. If you’d prefer something a little more high tech or advanced, you can opt for a safe that is tailored to you in the most exact of ways. Biometric technology allows you to use the touch of your finger to access your safe, using your unique fingerprint as a code in itself that no other person will be able to replicate.

The myth: Having a safe in your house can attract burglars

The truth: Break ins influenced by the presence of a safe only occur if people are aware that you have one. Keeping your safe obscured from sight is an easy way to guard against this, and there are models available that make this very easy to do. For example, specially designed floor safes can be covered by carpets or furniture and completely disguised, while you could place a chest of drawers, a bookshelf or a set of curtains in front of a safe that is wall mounted for your own security and peace of mind.

The myth: Anything stored in a safe will not be secure in the event of a fire or flood

The truth: Advances in safe technology have led to the development of a fire resistant composite with which the inside of a safe can be treated. Add to this two sturdy layers of interior wall, and your valuables are protected against the elements – or any unforeseen “Acts of God” – to superb effect. There are actually multiple levels of fire safety treatment, and this can dictate the type of items you can store within them to some degree, so it’s definitely worth looking into what kind of safe is best for your needs in terms of physical protection before you make your choice.

The myth: It’s hard to get a safe insured

The truth: As with levels of fireproofing, officially approved safe designs also come with different grades and insurance ratings. The more secure and well protected a safe is, the higher that safe’s insurance rating will be, and the more cash an insurance company will be willing to cover as long as it is stored inside. If you’re storing something other than cash, you can multiply the safe’s insurance rating by ten. Remember, however, your safe needs to have been correctly installed to be insurable, so it’s always worth getting professionals to place it within your home.

If you have any other questions about the type of safes available at Esafes, or if you’d like to find out more about how you can keep your home and belongings secure, all you need to do is get in touch with the team today on 0800 783 2328. Our offices are open 24 hours in case of any urgent enquiries, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s also definitely worth taking a look at the special offers section on the Esafes website to see how you can get hold of a superb quality safe from a highly respected manufacturer such as Chubb, Yale or Master Lock for a great discounted price.

How Do Fire Resistant Safes Work?

Posted July 17th, 2018 in Buying Guides, Security by Richard Nash

It’s something that home and business owners never really want to think about, but fire is a real risk to property – whether it is caused by an unforeseen electrical fault, arson or accidental human error.

Of course, you’ll want to protect residents or employees as a first port of call in the unlikely event of such an incident, but it’s also extremely important to plan for the aftermath and ensure that the correct items are protected. If you store irreplaceable or extremely valuable artefacts or documents within your property, it’s always worth thinking about a means of safeguarding them and ensuring that they are useable in the future.

This is where fire resistant safes come in. eSafes, an organisation that specialises in security systems, provides a wide range of fireproof safes for domestic or commercial use. When looking for your ideal safe, the best thing to do is to examine its rating as a first port of call. This signifies the period of time for which the safe will be able to withstand fire, and ranges from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. There are also cash ratings, which inform you of the amount up to which most insurers will cover a particular safe’s contents. eSafes displays a handy guide to insurance ratings on every page of their website for quick and easy access.

So how exactly do fire resistant safes work?

The features that are most commonly built into a fire resistant safe to increase its resilience include a double-layered wall and a fire resistant composite, which is applied both between the two layers of the wall and inside the safe itself. There is a hydrate (a specially formed compound incorporating water molecules) contained within this protective composite, which is released when a fire is detected. Remember – depending on the rating and standard of the safe, the composite will contain more or less of this hydrate. If there is too much, the humidity within the safe will reach too high of a level when the temperature outside reaches a certain point, and this may result in non-water-resistant items within the safe becoming damaged. The best idea is to choose a safe that features a moderate amount of this composite treatment to ensure the safety of your items. Of course, if your belongings are unlikely to be damaged by dampness, you will be able to opt for a safe with a higher amount of hydrate within its protective composite.

It is possible to find out which type of safe is best for your valuables?

 Absolutely. Logic dictates that different items will be affected by fire in various ways at different points. Specialist fire resistant safe testers across the world tend to concur with the following guide:

Paper documents and cash begin to be affected at 177℃
Digital media including USB sticks, CDs, external hard drives, cameras, tablets are affected from 120℃
Other data and media  including tapes, internal hard drives and film are affected from 52℃
Other items including jewelry and other valuable items are affected in various ways by fire depending on the materials they are made from. It’s best to do your own research if you have a particular item to keep safe. For example, a quick online search will tell you the melting point of any precious metals you may need to protect.

How Do I Find a Fire Resistant Safe That is Right for Me?

 The first step you should take when looking into a fire resistant safe is to take stock of the items you own that require secure storage. After that, start to research the types of safes that are recommended for those items. The more delicate or prone to fire damage the items are, the higher the grade of protection they may need. You should also ask about the hydrate content of the protective composite each contains to ensure that any items that will be affected by dampness or humidity will be kept safe.

If you’re not sure of the type of safe you might require, all you need to do is give eSafes a call today on 0800 783 2328 or email them via [email protected]. Their expert advisers are available to offer your help and assistance from 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

eSafes aims to be unbeatable for price. All of the fireproof safes and paper storage safes available from eSafes come with a price match guarantee, in the unlikely event that you find one of our safes cheaper elsewhere.

Who needs a Home Safe?

Posted June 26th, 2018 in Buying Guides, Home Safes by Richard Nash

Pushing burglary to the back of your mind is something that we are all only too guilty of doing. But what if you were to leave your laptop on display for prying eyes? Your laptop is used to store personal data and family photographs, not storing it somewhere safe could result in it being stolen by opportunistic thieves.



    Personal possessions at risk

Preventing Thieves

If like most people, you don’t see the point in investing in safes unless your home is targeted by criminals, you’d be surprised just how useful that the home safes from eSafes can be. Investing in home safes after you’ve been burgled is too late- you’re belongings have already been removed or damaged!

Don’t make your home an easy option for thieves; once they gain entry to your property, they’ll be like children in a sweet shop- helping themselves to whatever they can get their hands on.

Protecting items that are irreplaceable inside a safe will allow you to pinpoint exactly where they are, with the peace of mind that they are stored discreetly and out of sight. Although your possessions may be insured, it can often be an arduous process to claim and recover items that are stolen, hence why we recommend choosing one of the safes that we supply at eSafes.

Protecting Possessions

As a result of digital equipment and expensive possessions becoming increasingly more popular, the rate of burglary has increased significantly, linking the two together closely. Home safes provide homeowners with an affordable solution to avoid being a victim of theft, essentially, allowing you to store your belongings safely.

Home safes are perfect for any residential property; so no matter what type of property you live in, you’re sure to benefit from one of the safes that we have in stock.

Safes are not just for the wealthy…

Here at eSafes, we provide a wide range of expensive and high-security safes, as well as budget safes, accommodating for all budget requirements. The security safes that we supply offer an affordable solution for protecting items from theft- could you benefit from one?

It can often be a daunting task to select the most suitable security safe but this needn’t be the case with eSafes. We offer advice and support to those who need it, making sure that you discover a safe that can fit all of your belongings in comfortably, without compromising quality or functionality.

Keeping items out of reach

Parents know just how easy things can go walkabouts- making the investment in security safes appealing.

Safes like the Yale Certified Home Safe are designed to suit the home. The Yale safes are ideal if you’re looking to protect expensive items; they allow you to keep them out of reach of children, ensuring that they remain in one piece.

Depending on where you choose to install the Yale Certified Home Safe, you’re bound to eliminate the risk of children intercepting what doesn’t belong to them. Our Yale home safes offer a compact, discreet finish that allows you to hide your items somewhere safe.

Eliminating Damage

Home safes are used to store all kinds of materials, whether it be jewellery, electronics or paperwork. When it comes to storing documents in an organised fashion, you may consider one of our home or office safes, at least then you know that they are locked away securely and data cannot be stolen.

There’s no reason why you cannot store paper inside the safes that we supply, however, you should consider a fireproof safe as this will make sure that there are no compromises made to the quality of your documents.

The Yale Extra Large Fire Safe is just one of the home safes that offer resistance to fire and high temperatures, making it a firm favourite amongst customers who want to protect their possessions from fire damage.

As outlined, the benefits of the security safes, provided by eSafes, outweigh the costs, ultimately allowing you to keep items safe and secure.

Check out our wide range of security safes today; they are manufactured to a fantastic quality and guaranteed to suit your unique requirements. We are confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re not entirely sure which safe suits your needs best, our team of experts are always on hand to offer their expertise. All you need to do is call us on 0800 7832328 or email us at [email protected]

The Top Five Safe Options for Your Home

Posted June 15th, 2018 in Buying Guides, Home Safes by Richard Nash

There are numerous ways to store your cash or valuables securely within your home, and one of the most effective and popular options is the use of a safe. Usually taking the form of a durable and well protected metal box, many households have their own safe that they utilise and protect in their own unique way. You can choose your preferred locking mechanism, the look and size of your model and even the location in which it can be stored to ensure maximum safety. Esafes, a company that specialises in highly effective security systems, has compiled a list of their top five options when it comes to safes. Take a look below to see which kind of model would best suit your requirements.

Key Safe

This traditional form of security safe has proved its worth time and time again throughout the centuries. A sturdy, solid steel box complete with access keys, it’s a simple and straightforward option to help you ensure that your belongings are perfectly safe. Remember to keep your key in a very secure place at all times!

Electronic Safe

Many safes that come with a key lock are also available with the alternative of an electronic lock. This type of safe can be accessed using a PIN code, meaning you aren’t at risk of losing any key. However, it’s vital to remember your code and to take care who you share it with. Writing it down on a piece of paper can be as unsafe as losing a key, so you need to work out your own method of memorising it. Electronic safes often come with manual override keys in case you lock yourself out, however!

Under Floor Safe

You can ensure additional security for your belongings by keeping your safe somewhere extremely difficult to discover. One excellent option is to embed it in the floor itself, and this is precisely what an under floor safe is designed for. It can be placed almost anywhere in the house, but inside closets, cupboards, under trunks or in areas of low traffic within your home are all recommended options.

Media Safe

The great thing about a media safe is that it has been designed specifically for the purposes of storing your electronic goods. The inside of this particular model of safe is usually treated or padded to ensure none of the bodies or screens of your equipment become damaged, and the dimensions are designed to fit all sizes of laptop with additional space for other devices.

Double Height/Large Safe

 If you have larger items or a greater volume of valuables you need to store, two options are available to you. You can either obtain a number of safes and divide items between them or, if anything for which you require storage space is too big to fit in a regular sized safe (which usually measures somewhere in the vicinity of 200 x 300 x 180 mm) you can opt for a model with more room inside. Some safes are available at twice the height of a regular model, but with similar width and depth dimensions so they don’t take up excessive floor space. They are also available with a choice of manual and electronic locking systems.

Depending on the make and model you choose, safes are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and many come with additional features such as soft lining to prevent your items becoming scratched or damaged, and override systems to prevent you from becoming locked out. Some security system manufacturers, such as Chubb and Yale, are particularly well regarded due to their high standards and the exemplary quality of their products, so it’s worth checking the ratings and accolades of the safe you’re interested in to find out how it should be expected to perform.

Esafes stocks a wide variety of quality assured security products, so you can browse their site safe in the knowledge that any item you select has been manufactured to a superb standard and is more than suitable for purpose. If you would like to discuss your options with a member of their team, or you would like some advice about an item they have already supplied to you, all you need to do is call 0800 783 2328 today or email them via [email protected]. Their offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to ensure that there is always someone at the end of the phone if you run into any security trouble.

How are Safes rated?

Posted May 17th, 2018 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

Safes are an integral part of any home or business; they’re guaranteed to protect your personal possessions, ensuring that there is no compromise made to quality or functionality. When choosing a safe, you’ll notice that each of the safes provided by eSafes incorporate a unique rating which determines how much protection it has to offer, essentially making it easier for you to find the best safe!

Insurance Rating

Some safes are given an insurance rating to provide a clear indication of the maximum cash value that can be covered by the insurance company, should it be involved in an incidence of theft.

Generally, the higher rated safes are suited more towards the requirements of customers who are looking to store expensive items inside, so if you’re looking to keep all of your valuable items secure, a high insurance rated safe is ideal.

Cash Rating

Depending on how safes are designed, they have a cash rating that reflects exactly how much money you can protect. The cash rating is used by insurance companies to ensure that your cash is protected from burglars and that you’re fully covered.

To maximise the safety and security of safes, it’s suggested that you make sure that it’s installed professionally.

Fire Rating

At eSafes, they supply a complete range of safes which are designed to be fire resistant. A fire safe resists flames and exceedingly high temperatures, providing you with optimal protection for your valuable belongings.

If you’re planning on storing paper in the safe, a lower fire rated safe will do just fine… unlike data. DVD’s, CD’s and hard drives are best stored within higher fire rated safes to protect media from heat damage and spoilage.

What does the Rating mean?

Put simply, the rating of safes acts as an indicator as to how burglar resistant it is.

Using jewellery as an example, a safe is an ideal place to keep expensive and sentimental possessions out of harm’s way. If you’re looking for a safe to store your jewellery, but you’re confused by the “insurance rating” of the safe, you’d easily be forgiven!

A safe that has the has an insurance rating of £2,000 in cash is the equivalent of £20,000 worth of valuables- bear this in mind when choosing and storing items in a safe!

Cash Rating Chart


What is it determined by?

The rating of your safe is determined by several factors; including the following:

  • Resistance to movement

Any safe that you install to your domestic or commercial property needs to be stored securely if you’re to protect the contents held inside it. The rating of the safe takes into consideration how easy it is to move and how easily burglars can gain access to it.

  • Lock Security

Securing any safe with a high-security lock will protect your items further, making it incredibly difficult for opportunistic criminals to get their hands on your possessions. A high rated safe can potentially prevent theft.

  • Build Quality

The thickness and strength of the walls and doors of your safe can also be reflected on within the rating. Safes that are well-designed and able to resist physical attack will have a higher rating than safes that are less sturdy. Any safe that is carefully designed and built is likely to protect your cash and jewellery more reliably.

Eurograde Safes

When it comes to finding a high security safe, you’re in capable hands with eSafes! Their safes are designed to be reliable and suit the requirements of domestic and commercial customers alike. The Eurograde safes are ideal if you need to protect cash or valuables against theft and burglary.

The insurance rating of a Eurograde safe stipulates whether it has the ability to resist attacks and impacts, potentially helping customers to decide whether it’s suitable for their requirements.

The Eurograde approved safes have a rating between 0 and 7: Grade 0 being the lowest rating and Grade 7 being the highest. The Grade 7 safes are considered to be the most reliable safes when it comes to keeping items secure.

AiS Approved Safes

The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS Approved Safes) are the UK authority who asses the risks. Any safe that is AiS approved is guaranteed to be covered by insurance companies if assets were to be stolen from the safe.

Choosing an AiS approved safe will provide you with an improved standard of protection as well as the level of security that is required.

With approved brands like Chubbsafes and Securikey, eSafes are bound to provide you with a high-quality safe that is guaranteed to match your budget requirements!

Why not discuss your requirements in detail with the team of experts at eSafes and let them identify which rated safe will suit your needs best? Call them on 0800 7832328 today.

How will GDPR affect your paper document storage?

Posted March 23rd, 2018 in eSafes Services, Security by Richard Nash

When it comes to storing documents in the office, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of. Why not let eSafes talk you through the basics when it comes to keeping confidential information safe in the office, taking into consideration the upcoming changes in GDPR?

Related image

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations. These regulations have been initiated across Europe (not just the UK) to replace the Data Protection Act.

The General Data Protection Regulations are set to take effect in May 2018- leaving you with just over a month to familiarise yourself with the new guidelines. Although you may already have a suitable filing system that works for your business, GDPR may alter this slightly to ensure that any records are stored securely within your office.

Changes have been made to the Data Protection Act to strengthen the safety and security of clientele. Anyone who’s found not complying with the regulations this summer can expect to be faced with a fine for compromising the privacy and confidentiality of clients.

Document storage.

Depending on the type of records you need to keep hold of, this can alter the length of time it can be stored. When storing any documents in your office, don’t forget about the required use date. Once documents are no longer required, it’s your responsibility to destroy, delete or shred them, ensuring that there is no trace to be found.

If you’re looking for a suitable storage solution for paper documents, you’re in capable hands with us at eSafes. We supply a complete range of data safes, each of which is priced affordably and suitable for all media types.

Confidential information.

Whether it be bank account details, passwords or social security numbers- you need to make sure that documents are stored somewhere safe and out of harm’s way.

Any documents that incorporate sensitive data can compromise the privacy of clients, hence why you should never leave such documents lying around your office! So, if you handle any documents that incorporate clients names, addresses or personal information, think about where you’re leaving it.

A data safe from eSafes will allow you to lock any papers away, ultimately preventing them from being stolen or falling into the wrong hands. Can you afford not to check them out today?

Adherence to GDPR Guidelines.

Something that we are often all guilty of is overlooking cybersecurity and hacking. Any data that is printed or stored digitally needs to be stored safely to protect client’s confidentiality.

No matter whether you’re storing paper documents or transferring data across networks, you should always make sure that your business adheres to GDPR guidelines.

Go paperless!

A paperless office is a new concept for various businesses. Choosing to go paperless will allow you to meet the GDPR deadline, making sure that you’re prepared for the regulation changes in May. Digital documents will reduce the number of papers you need to store within your premises, not only freeing up more space but effectively working towards environmental stewardship.

Cutting down on the number of paper copies you deal with will allow you to prevent fraudulent activity. To avoid “anyone” reading clients personal information, going paperless is ideal.

Document backup.

Keeping a copy of your documents is always a good idea if you’re prone to putting things down and losing them!

To keep a digital copy of all documents, we recommend scanning them as you go- otherwise, this could be a long process. Once you’ve scanned the documents, make sure that they are disposed of efficiently, preventing them from going walkabouts in the office.

If you copy your documents to a memory stick or hard drive disk, you don’t want to keep this with the original copies- perhaps keep it somewhere safe and out of reach of prying hands? This will not only allow you to know exactly where it is when there comes a time that you need it but can also safeguard your client’s personal information and ensure that GDPR guidelines are met.

Investing in a safe.

Storing paper documents is easy- why not find a suitable office safe from our extensive collection, here at eSafes? Our office safes are guaranteed to prevent papers going missing, providing you with an appropriate place to file them.

We can offer you a highly resistant solution for protecting your documents, keeping your client’s private data just that… PRIVATE!

You can rest assured that any of the office safes that we supply for businesses are designed to withstand physical attack, whether it be a burglary or a fire. What’s more; our office and data safes are perfect for all budget requirements, so no matter how much or how little you’re looking to spend, you can bet eSafes has just the solution!

The data safes that we provide are priced competitively, making sure that you receive the best value for your money.

Safe storage.

The office and date safes we supply are designed to satisfy the requirements of all business (no matter what you’re looking to store inside it). Office safes are extremely spacious and can accommodate various volumes of documents, offering a solution for safekeeping clients confidential data.

You’ll notice that we supply data safes that can reliably store documents and hard drives, along with mobile phones and currency, making it easier for you to lock away any valuable items and to follow 2018 GDPR guidelines.

From our great range of data and office safes, we provide a variety of solutions that are guaranteed to enhance security within your business. All the safes we provide are guaranteed to protect your possessions and any confidential data that you have, making sure that there is no compromise made to the quality or appearance of your belongings.

Some of the safes we have in stock incorporate a life-long guarantee, so you needn’t worry about maximising the use of your safe and storing your documents reliably.

Need to know more about how GDPR will affect paper document storage? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with eSafes today. Simply call us on 0800 783 2328!

Are safes a “safe” investment for everyone?

Posted February 27th, 2018 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

Finding a suitable safe needn’t be stressful. Here at eSafes, our home and office safes come in all shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to find one that will fit perfectly within your property.

The safes we have available are designed to be flexible and last a lifetime. They incorporate a timeless look and feel, meaning they will never go out of fashion!

Home safes.

If you’re looking to enhance safety in your home, you cannot go wrong with a home safe from eSafes. We cater for everyone, ensuring that you find a suitable solution for protecting your personal possessions.

One of our home safes will allow you to store any keepsakes, jewellery, money or gadgets with the confidence that burglars won’t get their hands on them! Your belongings won’t be left on show if they are kept inside a safe.

We supply the home safes in a variety of brands, including Chubbsafes, Yale and Securikey. Make sure you choose something suitable today!

Fire and Data safes.

When it comes to finding a safe that offers protection against fire and water, look no further than eSafes! A fire and data safe will provide you with the peace of mind that your documents and cash are safe.

In the event of a fire, you can rest assured that your belongings held inside the safe will be protected and they won’t be damaged. Our fire and data safes will make the perfect addition to any office, allowing you to secure any sensitive date you leave in your office overnight.

One of our fire and data safes will prevent documents from being intercepted by the wrong hands and used fraudulently.

Deposit safes for retail.

How safe are deposit safes? The deposit safes that we supply for retail are designed to make it easier for you to store cash and cheque deposits within your office. Each deposit safe enables you to insert cash easily, meaning that you don’t need to open the safe every time you want to put money in.

For retail; we supply the electronic safes, till safes, deposit safes and underfloor safes. No matter which of our safes you choose for your retail business, you’ll find that our products are manufactured to the highest quality- providing you with a safe solution for storing deposits.

ESafes have just the solution for keeping deposits safe; choose an affordable deposit safe today!

Gun safes.

What better way to secure your firearms than a gun cabinet or safe?

Our gun safes are available in several leading brands, like Burton Safes, Phoenix Safes and Securikey. At eSafes, we supply only the best safes for firearms, ensuring that they are protected from theft and damage.

The gun safes incorporate a simple locking system; they either lock using a key or electronically.

By storing your gun in a cabinet, you can ultimately protect it from being stolen and you can store it safely, ensuring that there’s no compromise made to its quality.

If you’re planning to transport your gun from one area to the next; our gun cabinets are a safe investment to make. Designed to be lightweight, the cabinet will make it more convenient for you to carry your firearms- protecting your shooting equipment and preventing the risk of injury!

Needless to say, eSafes supply a complete range of safes, accommodating the needs and requirements of all customers. With so many to choose from, it’s fair to say that safes are a safe investment for everyone; they allow you to store your expensive items safely and securely. Our safes are available in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you needn’t worry about finding one that blends seamlessly within your property!

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Investing in safes in the New Year

Posted January 30th, 2018 in Buying Guides by Richard Nash

Needless to say, a safe can maximise the security of any home or office. Here at eSafes, we supply safes that are perfect if you’re looking to lock away any valuable items. We supply the safes to prevent the risk of your expensive items from being stolen or damaged, can you really afford to miss out?

As with any of the products that we supply, our safes are manufactured to protect your precious belongings that can often attract the attention of burglars, allowing you to keep them safe and out of reach.

There are countless reasons why you should invest in the safes that we supply; however, you’ll need to consider the following:



Believe it or not, winter is the prime time for burglars! More cover can be found during the winter months, providing burglars with more time to search for money, jewellery and other expensive items.

The simple investment of safes will allow you to prevent your property from being broken into, allowing you to keep your home or office safe and secure. Why not choose one of our home and office safes today? We’re confident you’ll find something that combines practicality with style.


Once the festivities come to an end, this can be peak time for property break-ins! Burglars tend to break into homes after the Christmas period when homeowners return to work, children go back to school, and properties are left, filled with all sorts of valuable items.

Valuable products can often entice burglars to your property- hence why we recommend keeping these out of sight! Any expensive items that you got for Christmas should be stored inside one of the safes that we supply at eSafes, this will allow you to protect them from being stolen.

Secure storage

You should always prioritise keeping your items safe. The safes that we supply for the home and the office provides a protective solution for your equipment, enabling you to store them safely and out of reach of thieves.

With any of the safes that we supply, you needn’t worry about finding a suitable safe for storing your valuables.


When choosing safes for your property, you want to make sure that they suit the style of your property and the space you have available. Any of the safes from eSafes are designed to be discreet, so you needn’t worry about them blending in seamlessly.

We supply the safes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to maximise the space you have available. Take the Yale Certified Home Safe for instance; this is significantly smaller and more compact than the Securikey Mini Vault 2 Electronic Safe!


Here at eSafes, we supply a wide range of world-renowned brands, so you needn’t worry about getting the best value from your safes. With brands like Chubbsafes, Securikey and Yale, you can rest assured that your items will be protected and stored securely.

We provide cash rated safes, high-security safes and laptop safes, protecting your money, jewellery, mobile phone, electricals or even your business’ client information.

Need to know more about why you should invest in our safes in 2018? Call us on 0800 7832328 today!